Next meeting: Thursday February 7 (con traducción)

We will have interpretation at the meeting. Si necesita traducción, envíe un correo electrónico a, gracias.

We’ll be getting some pizza or other food for the meeting. We suggest a donation of $5 for food. Or bring food to share.

Date & Time: Thursday, February 7, 6-8pm

Location: Make Shift Boston, 549 Columbus Ave, Boston MA 02118


  • Check in
  • Review agenda, add items
  • Draft proposal on how to move WORC’N forward and help it meet the needs of existing co-op and new/startup co-ops (see background below)
  • Possible additional topics for conversation
  • Check out

Additional topics for discussion that were brought up that weren’t covered at our last meeting:

  • Review the 7 principles of co-ops and discussion (5)
  • How do we create and support participation & accountability? (4)
  • What co-op trainings do co-ops give? (4)
  • Are there equal # of women to men in worker co-ops? (2)
  • How do you strike the balance between the enterprise and the mission/value driven organization? (2)
  • Looking at structures that can limit or help co-ops grow given the conflict between “do you need big co-ops versus a lot of co-ops? (1)

Background on proposal for moving WORC’N forward:

Aaron, Stacey, Micha and I have been reaching out to various folks in WORC’N to ask them what they want WORC’N to look like and how much they would be able to contribute. We’ve also been reaching out to other co-op networks around the country such as NoBAWC (SF Bay Area), MadWORC (Madison, Wisconsin), VAWC (Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts) to get a clearer idea of their histories, strengths, and challenges.