Platform Cooperatives & You: When does freedom call for more than worker-owned?

Long-established concepts of multi-stakeholder, hybrid, or solidarity cooperatives are getting new urgency and vitality from the Platform Cooperativism movement which calls for an Internet of Ownership.  It is a vision for online platforms that share democratic ownership and governance with their stakeholders, especially those who contribute their labor and personal data.  If millions of people rely on a social network for communication than the relatively small number of people building the platform.

How does Platform Cooperativism affect you and your coop or your plans to build a coop? What other movements does it intersect with?

Join us for a round table discussion!

Details —

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1. Sat 02/27 3P-6P JP Time Exchange has a swap open to the public.

The Urbano Project 29 Germania St, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

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2. Sat 03/05 – Folks at Franklin Street Coop are also having a clothing and book swap in the afternoon. We are hoping to have variety as well as quantity, so please come and please bring books and/or clothing!