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#BlackLove #BlackExcellence #BlackJoy #BlackTrust

Join the Boston Ujima Project community for the second lecture in our #BlackTrust: 2018 Chuck Turner Arts & Lecture Series, “A Five Point Plan for the 21st Century!” 

DJ Dee Diggs and Cierra Peters will open the talk with a custom audio and visual Ujima mix.

Former Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner will share his Five Point Plan For the 21st Century, covering:

– Housing (The 30-30-30-10 Plan)
– Income (Good Jobs Standards/Boston Resident Jobs Policy)
– Education (Coding from the Cradle Forward)
– Public Safety (Ending Civil Service
– The New Economy (Industrial Hemp)


The talk will take place, Thursday, February 22nd, 6:00pm, Twelfth Baptist Church, Hester Hall.

This talk is free and open to the public. We are accepting donations.


Links to RSVP:
A Five Point Plan for the 21st Century (Donations are enabled here.)
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#BlackLove #BlackExcellence #BlackJoy #BlackTrust


Dee Diggs is a DJ, event curator  & organizer based in Boston, MA. She is unapologetically black, queer, & femme.

She is building and using her influence to create space for marginalized groups to express & organize themselves. Her aim is to sustain more spaces where these groups are valued and thanked by name for their contributions to humanity. (Thank the OG Black innovators of House & Techno! Thank you, Disco-era Queens & Queers alike for the theatrics & fanfare of nightlife as we know it!)

She is an organizer with Boston’s own femme/queer music tech collective, Evlv Tech  & promotes monthly events with the electro/hip-hop mash-up freak show known as Rare Footage Boston, as well as a Resident DJ at Shake Boston. Her sound is on the A-side, grounded & self-referential, & on the the B-side, a dreamy and foreign pursuit.

The Dee Diggs experience is the warm vibe that radiates through the room as the booth and the dance floor become one deep in the mix

​earthaclit (Cierra Michele Peters) is a native Bostonian artist. as a performance artist, under the moniker earthaclit, she uses electronic music, video and spoken word to foster meaningful conversations around diasporic longings + cultural disruption. as a Caribbean/American black femme positioned at the intersection of multiple cultural and national identities, she believes in the power of music and its embodied experience as a means to expand discourse and go places traditional activism does not.

she’s also a member of evlv tech, a community forum and art collective aimed at creating space for femme-identified and nonbinary people in music technology.


#BlackTrust: 2018 Chuck Turner Arts & Lecture Series
A Five Point Plan for the 21st Century
A Lecture & Dialogue with Chuck Turner, w/ an Opening Custom Mix by DJ Dee Diggs
Thursday, February 22, 6:00pm
Twelfth Baptist Church, Hester Hall
Free and Open to the Public
Other Cost of Admission: A Historical Overview of Poverty Among Blacks in Boston
We are accepting donations.
Links to RSVP:
A Five Point Plan for the 21st Century (Donations are enabled here.)
Eventbrite (Donations are not enabled here.)
Link to share: Facebook


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#BlackLove #BlackExcellence #BlackJoy #BlackTrust