Who Owns the World? The State of Platform Cooperativism

Fire the Bosses, Democratize the Internet, and Own Our Futures

Celebrating ten years of digital labor conferences at The New School, Who Owns the World? The State of Platform Cooperativism is the most international gathering of its kind. Following our 2018 conference in Hong Kong, this much-needed event summons scholars and founders of platform cooperatives — businesses that use a website, mobile app, or protocol to sell goods or services while relying on democratic decision-making and shared ownership of the platform by workers and users. 

Platform cooperativism is not a fleeting idea but an iterative process that unfolds with the support of community groups and anchor organizations such as universities, cooperative banks, and accelerators. Impulses for a democratic digital transformation come from numerous domains, which is why this event presents theoretical reflections, artistic provocations, and insights from on-the-ground workers, owners, and users.

Who Owns the World? convenes one hundred fifty speakers from over thirty countries to meet each other, co-design, and learn about topics such as worker power in the platform economy, antitrust, misogyny and racism in co-ops, ecological sustainability, best practices for cooperation including the allocation of startup funding, the potential of platform co-ops for data trusts, data co-ops, new models for distributed governance, and data sovereignty.

Who owns our data, our cities, the world? For three days in November, we’ll field this and other questions. We’ll not stop at slideshows and declarations challenging current enterprise structures but continue to advance existing and near-future alternatives. We can do better than platform capitalism! Cooperators the world over, unite now!!

R. Trebor Scholz
Brooklyn, New York

This conference is convened by Trebor Scholz (Director, Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy at The New School ICDE) with support from Michael McHugh, ICDE’s Assistant Director.

The following organizations have taken a stand for the future of cooperatives in the digital economy by joining the PCC Circle of Cooperators as members:
Smart.coop, Fairbnb.coop, Coompanion, Needs Map, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals  (Australia), Datavest, Democracy at Work Institute, Co-operatives UK, Stocksy United, CoLab Cooperative, Cotabo, Ontario Co-operative Association, Fondazione Centro Studi Doc, Center for Cultural Innovation, Cooperatives for a Better World, Unionen, Institute for the Future, CoLab Cooperative, Febecoop, La Coop des Communs

In addition, we acknowledge event sponsors including Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing, Rutgers University; The New School’s Milano School for Management and Policy, and the Open Society Foundations.

The New School
New York, NY
United States

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Facial Recognition as Surveillance

Facial Recognition as Surveillance: The Need for Public Oversight

Friday, October 18, 6:30 PM
Building 32, Room #155, MIT

Join us for a substantive discussion on facial surveillance and other remote biometric monitoring technologies that pose unprecedented risks to personal autonomy, privacy and democracy. Some have referred to these technologies as “nuclear waste”. Others have called it “the perfect tool for oppression.” Never before has a technology equipped governments with the power to automatically generate and store permanent, detailed records of every person’s every public movement, habit, and association—until now.

We currently have not only an opportunity but also a responsibility to reject technological determinism, and to implement strong democratic controls over the use of this perilous technology. Panelists will outline precisely what makes this technology different and dangerous, how the ACLU and other advocates are fighting back, options for law reform, and how MIT affiliated folks can get involved

– Kade Crockford – Director, Technology for Liberty Program, ACLU of – Massachusetts – Gretchen Greene – Visiting Research Fellow, Partnership on AI – Evan Greer – Deputy Director, Fight for the Future – Kristen Sheets – Volunteer, Tech Workers’ Coalition

Organizers: – Radius@MIT – Tech Workers’ Coalition, Boston


This Saturday: Outdoor Community Tables! Haley House – Boston

We hope to see you this coming Saturday, August 10th for our annual Outdoor Community Tables celebration. This popular annual event hosted by Fulani Haynes runs from 5-8pm in the parking lot of the Bakery Cafe (12 Dade Street, Roxbury). It’s a community celebration for all, featuring a delicious dinner (and dessert), along with music and entertainment by DJ Nomadik and JP Honk Band! Vegetarian and vegan options will be available. Tickets are available at the event, on a pay-what-can  scale (suggested donation is $10/adult, kids free).

Click here for more info and/or to let us know if you’re coming on Facebook and to share with others! Huge thanks to Northeastern University Office of City and Community Affairs, Madison Park Development Corporation, Historic Boston, and Blue Hub Capital for helping to cover the costs of this event, as well as Bank of America, one of our long-term partners.

LibrePlanet 2019

LibrePlanet is an annual conference hosted by the Free Software Foundation for free software enthusiasts and anyone who cares about the intersection of technology and social justice. LibrePlanet brings together software developers, law and policy experts, activists, students, and computer users to learn skills, celebrate free software accomplishments, and face challenges to software freedom.

Newcomers are always welcome, and LibrePlanet 2019 will feature programming for all ages and experience levels.
LibrePlanet Website
The Program

Another World Is Here and it is in Worcester MA NOW

Worker Co-Ops and the Solidarity Economy in Worcester Massachusetts.
Connect, Strategize, and Build Together.
MARCH 16th and 17th
Information and updates can be found on our event website

* *LOCATION: *Both days of the convening will be hosted at
*Worcester CleanTech Incubator,* located at 50 Portland Street,
Worcester, MA. It is heated and wheelchair accessible. Easy to
access by walking, cycling, and public transportation. Free
parking is available on the weekends and easy to find via
their Visitor Parking Guide.

* *TRAVEL: *If you need a ride or are able to offer one, please plug
your information into our Carpool Spreadsheet.

* *FOOD: *Light breakfast, coffee and lunch will be provided on both
days of the convening. If you have any dietary restrictions and
didn’t indicate them during your eventbrite registration, please
send them to me as soon as you can!
* *FUN: *Following day 1 of the convening, we’ll be hosting an open
mic and social at The Firehouse (126 Eastern Ave) in Worcester
starting at 5pm. Food will be provided and friends are welcome.
To sign up for the open mic: Please click here

* *HOUSING: *If you indicated a need for housing in your
registration, you will be receiving your homestay information
shortly. *If you did not indicate a need for housing and need it
in order to attend both days of the convening, please get in
contact with me (*amethyst@economicdemocracy.us) and Addison
(*addison@worcesterroots.org) as soon as possible.
We will do our best to accomodate you!

* *AGENDA: *Full agendas for both days can be found on our website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach
out! Looking forward to seeing you on March 16th and/or March 17th.

All the best,
Amethyst Carey, Emily Kawano, and the Convening Logistics Team

Quarterly Roundup: The latest in NYC cooperative and solidarity economy news! *español abajo*

Mark your calendar for a night of networking and shaping the NYC solidarity economy agenda on April 11 from 6-9pm.

Solidarity Snapshot: Cole Carothers
“Practicing a genuine solidarity economy means dismantling these corrupt policies (read: red lining, colonization, etc) and supporting historically disenfranchised communities to have access to capital and other resources usually denied, hidden, or manipulated away from them.” – Cole Carothers
More Solidarity Economy News
Cooperative Leadership Institute News

The 2019 Cooperative Leadership Intensive kicked off with 14 awesome cooperators across sectors.
Check out the incredible work and vision of the new cohort!

Generation Solidarity Closes Out 2018

Thank you to all the members who generously dedicated time to introduce co-ops and solidarity economy strategies to a new generation of New Yorkers!

Participants played a game of Trustville with the New York City Community Land Initiative, learned about community development credit unions with Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union, visited community gardens by bike with Brooklyn Queens Land Trust, and delved into the ins and outs of affordable housing co-ops with Urban Homesteading Assistance Board.

Want to learn more about getting your organization involved? Email evan@gocoopnyc.com.
Anti-Racism and Gentrification Trainings

Food co-operatives face unique challenges as place-based community organizations in a rapidly gentrifying city. To make sure our co-ops remain inclusive, and aligned with the cooperative principles and broader solidarity economy in NYC, we have to take on these challenges intentionally.

Peer educators have designed a two-day anti-racism and gentrification workshop to help co-ops kick off a process for deepening engagement with racial and social justice issues in their neighborhoods, so co-ops can be a force for justice rather than displacement. The workshop is followed by a self-determined program of study and support CEANYC customizes with each co-op.

Many thanks to Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) for supporting this work! We look forward to bringing this training to food co-ops throughout the northeast with CDI’s help. Want to know more? Email organize@gocoopnyc.com.

We’ve been busy!

Last November CEANYC leaders, including Board member Mark Winston-Griffith, spoke at the New York City and State Hearing on Economic Democracy. Afterwards each of the elected officials who participated was given a map of the solidarity economy in their district. We’ve invited them to learn more about all of you directly. Stay tuned!

Partnering with over 30 different organizations, CEANYC Board and staff helped generate the CloseRIKERS #buildCOMMUNITIES platform, which includes calls to support cooperatives.

This month CEANYC staff and members created amendments to Governor Cuomo’s legislation that will legalize adult use cannabis. These amendments will support licenses to co-ops in a new lucrative industry. Shout out to Green Worker Co-ops and NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives leader Raybblin Vargas for spearheading the co-op amendment working group.

Last but not least, CEANYC Board and staff continue to meet with New Economy Project on their campaign CooperationNYC, which is meant to support municipal co-op policies.
Upcoming Events

Catch us presenting at the 2019 GreenThumb GrowTogether Conference! Registration closes March 28.

Join us at the CUNY Our Economy! Economic Democracy and System Change Conference April 12!

Jobs Board

Our members are hiring! Check out our Jobs Board to see if there is work for you in the cooperative and solidarity economy.

Is your co-op hiring? Email evan@gocoopnyc.com to post a listing!

In the Media

Listen to CEANYC Board Member Mark Winston Griffith on the co-op podcast Everything Coop!

CEANYC advisor and credit union legend Cliff Rosenthal published a book on the community development financial institution movement—grab it today! (And listen to him talk about the book in this appearance on Inside City Hall.)

General Coordinator and CEANYC co-founder Cheyenna Weber published this piece about our Solidarity Economy Giving Project for Philanthropy Women!

Request a Solidarity Economy 101 Workshop from one of our Peer Educators!

Register for our upcoming CEANYC Member Orientation on Friday, March 15!

Stop by our Resources Library to learn more about cooperative and solidarity economy work in NYC and around the world.

Noticias del CEANYC

Apunte la fecha para nuestra reunión anual, que se celebrará el 11 de abril de 2019 a las 6-9PM.

Instantánea Solidaria: Cole Carothers
“Practicar una auténtica economía solidaria significa desmantelar las políticas corruptas (léase: las estructuras de discriminación en el mercado de la vivienda, la colonización, etc.) y apoyar a las comunidades históricamente desfavorecidas para que tengan acceso a capital y otros recursos que generalmente son son denegados, ocultos o manipulados para no ser accesibles.” – Cole Carothers
Más Noticias de le Economía Solidaria
Noticias del Instituto de Liderazgo Cooperativo

Iniciamos nuestro Intensivo de Liderazgo Cooperativo 2019 con un conjunto de 14 increíbles cooperantes provenientes de una variedad de sectores. ¡Lea más sobre los participantes!
Cerramos Generación Solidaridad 2018

¡Muchísimas gracias a nuestros miembros que dedicaron su tiempo a introducir estrategías cooperativas a una generación nueva de Neoyorquinos!

Participantes jugaron un juego de Trustville con NYCCLI, aprendieron sobre uniones de crédito con Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union, visitaron jardines comunitarias con el Brooklyn Queens Land Trust, y escucharon a la historia de cooperativas de vivienda en NYC con el Urban Homesteading Assistance Board.

¿Quiere apredner más sobre cómo involucrarse su organización? Mande un correo a evan@gocoopnyc.com
Entrenamientos de Anti-Racismo y Gentrificación

Las cooperativas de alimientos se enfrentan desafíos únicos como organizaciones basado en el lugar en una ciudad que esta en el medio de gentrificación dramática. Para asegurarse que nuestros cooperativas permanecen inclusivos, y alineados con los principios cooperativas y la economía solidaria de NYC, tenemos que confrontar esos desafíos con intención. Nuestros educadores han deseñado un entrenamiento de dos días sobre anti-racismo y gentrificación para apoyar cooperativas empezar un proceso para fortalecen compromiso con cuestiones de justicia de raza y social en sus barrios, así que co-ops pueden ser fuerzas bara justicia en lugar de desplazamiento.

Campañas y Política

El pasado mes de noviembre CEANYC participó en la Audiencia de la Ciudad y el Estado de Nueva York Sobre la Democracia Económica. Hemos contactado a todos los funcionarios electos que participaron para ofrecerles mapas de la economía solidaria en sus distritos.

¡En asociación con más de 30 organizaciones distintas, CEANYC ayudó a generar la plataforma CloseRIKERS #buildCOMMUNITIES!

¡CEANYC está trabajando con otras cooperativas y organizaciones de apoyo en CooperationNYC, una campaña de base amplia para apoyar el desarrollo económico de base en toda la ciudad!

¡Nos ven al 2019 GreenThumb GrowTogether Conference! Registración cierra al 28 de Marzo.

¡Estaremos al Our Economy! Economic Democracy and System Change Conference el 12 de Abril!

Bolsa de Trabajo

¡Nuestros miembros están contratando! Consulte nuestra Bolsa de Trabajo para ver si hay trabajo para usted en la economía cooperativa y solidaria.

¿Está su cooperativa contratando? ¡Envíe un correo electrónico a evan@gocoopnyc.com para publicar un listado!
En Los Medios

¡Escuche al miembro de la Junta Directiva de CEANYC Mark Winston Griffith en Everything Coop!

Asesor de CEANYC y una leyenda de las cooperativas de ahorro y crédito, Cliff Rosenthal ha publicado un libro sobre el movimiento de instituciones de desarrollo financiero de la comunidad. ¡Consígalo hoy! (Y escúchale hablar sobre el libro).

La coordinadora general y cofundadora de CEANYC, Cheyenna Weber, publicó esta pieza en Philanthropy Women sobre nuestro Proyecto de Dar en la Economía Solidaria.


Regístrese para recibir un taller Solidarity 101 para su cooperativa u organización.

Regístrese para nuestro orientación de membresía el 15 de Marzo aquí!

Visita nuestro Biblioteca de Recursos para aprender más sobre cooperativas y la economía solidaria en NYC y por el mundo.
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OUR ECONOMY! Economic Democracy and System Change

Union Coops participant and fabulous person Rebecca Lurie and the Murphy Institute at CUNY have organized a conference about the transition to a new economy. The conference is free, it’s at the Murphy Institute near Grand Central. Details below, hope to see you all there.

Friday, April 12, 2019 — 9am-6pm @ CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies

Can the economy be democratized? How can we transform it into a more socially inclusive and ecologically sustainable system? How can we combat the growing concentrations of power and wealth? What current practices point toward a participatory democracy and resilient next system?

Our current political economy is unjust, anti-democratic, and ecologically unsustainable. This reality has led to a host of efforts to transform our political economy. This conference will bring together leading academics, researchers, advocates, and practitioners for a day of discussion on how we can achieve systemic transformation and make a political economy that is equitable, democratic, and sustainable.

General registration for the OUR ECONOMY! Conference on April 12th can be found here:


Acupuncture for co-op members in May!

News from our friends at – http://pocacoop.com

Organization: POCA

There’s a special deal for co-op members in the month of May at Somerville’s Community Acupuncture clinic, Open Space Community Acupuncture (http://openspaceacupuncture.com/)! The offer is $15 treatments all month to members of any cooperative. The $10 initial intake fee is also being waived. We are a clinic member of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture, a multi-stakeholder cooperative of acupuncturists, acupuncture patients, and community acupuncture clinics.