WORC’N Fall Calendar & Events Committee Note

Here’s a quick calendar and related notes for WORC’N Fall activities. We have a lot going on, which is very exciting, including participation in a regional Solidarity and Green Economy Conference in Worcester, a potential event with a Mexican co-op delegation, and our regular Peer Resource Group, Co-op 101 and General Assembly events.

One particularly exciting note- In an effort to spread work around and allow the Steering Committee to step back from event planning and step into steering WORC’N, we are launching an Events Committee! This committee, to date including Lynn, James, and Reed, is charged with coordinating logistics around WORC’N events. Please give a hearty Thank You to Lynn, James and Reed, and if you are interested in joining this committee, please let me or any other steering committee member know. Now, without further ado:

The WORC’N Fall Calendar

All events from 6 pm – 8 pm unless noted

October 10, Peer Resource Group focusing on Restoring Roots Gardeners’ Co-op, a new edible landscape design and implementation co-op @ Make Shift, 549 Columbus Ave, Boston. Contact Ben Mauer with questions.

October 15, Steering Committee Meeting (10 am to 11 am) and Launch of Events Committee (11 am to noon). Location TBA (possibly Museum of Science). Contact me or any other steering committee member if you want to come.

October 17, Worker Co-op 101 @ 1151 Mass Ave, Cambridge. Contact Stacey Cordeiro with questions.

October 21, Potential event with a delegation from the cooperative sector of UE’s sister union in Mexico, the Frente Auténtico del Trabajo (FAT). Save the date and more info will come as we learn it.

November 9-10, SAGE Conference, 5 Pleasant St, 3rd floor Worcester. For more details, see http://www.worcestersagealliance.org/?page_id=11 and if you want to go as part of a WORC’N delegation, contact me or one of the other steering committee members. We are looking into holding a regional worker co-op meet-up at this conference, so keep an eye out for more related information.

November 14, Peer Resource Group focusing on Hummingbird Co-op, a new house cleaning co-op @ Boston Collective Delivery, 12 Channel St, Boston. Contact James Bachez with questions.

November 19, Steering Committee (10 am to 11:30 am) @ Make Shift, 549 Columbus Ave, Boston.

November 21, Worker Co-op 101 @ 1151 Mass Ave, Cambridge. Contact Stacey Cordeiro with questions.

December 12, General Assembly and Social @ Just Crust, Harvard Sq, Cambridge. Contact James Bachez with questions.

No Peer Resource Group for August

The Steering Committee has been talking over email and we felt pulling together a Peer Resource Group this month would be difficult given various vacation and travel schedules. So we decided to cancel the Peer Resource Group for August. Stay tuned for an announcement in late August or early September on the location and topic for the next Peer Resource Group.

Peer Resource Group Meeting on April 11 at 6pm

Time: 6pm.

Location: Boston Collective Delivery’s space. 12 Channel St., Suite 202 Boston. You can get there with a 10-15 minute bus ride and a 4 minute walk. The #4, #7, and Silver line all go near BCD’s office from downtown Boston.

Topic: Sharing some of the challenges we have faced as a worker cooperative in branding, billing, and general operation. We will also be sharing strategies that have worked for us in marketing.